Phantom of my mind

The Phantom of my mind has many guises;

often behaves benign, benevolent and gracious

but frequently harsh, hostile and hurtful:

the Phantom of my mind, not easily dislodged.

17 thoughts on “Phantom of my mind

  1. Phantom living
    A ghost before my eyes
    A deep thrill feeling
    That someone roams my life
    Sets off in the air at night
    Steers me round to mother earth
    Turns this search into a pair of learning eyes
    Staring at a photograph
    Doesn’t stir the memory
    Of something I thought would last
    Underneath it all

    I lose myself
    With a distance in my mind
    Throwing out deception
    Emplanted, steals my time
    I feel the meaning
    Your words cannot describe
    And perverts the answer
    Of this action underlined
    Staring at an open book
    Just becomes the story
    Of something I thought would last
    Underneath it all

    Phantom living
    This is phantom living

    “Phantom Living” — The Fixx

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  2. You can make double exposures in your camera? That’s neat — what model camera do you use? I don’t think my camera can do that. The large face in the foreground is interesting — I almost didn’t see it. I also see a small dog cast in a reflection…I think! Haha.

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    • Thank you, my friend, Yes, my camera , like many if you dig down into the menu, can do 9 frames onto one shot..gets a bit of a muddle!!I I usually set it to do two or three. I like it as it is a bit of a hit or miss thing and you never know what you get. Often it does not work, but practise gets you halfway. I use a Nikon D3, a pro sports camera, now surpassed of course by the D4..very desirable…but D3 it is fine for me as this stage, just a bit bulky in cities..but who cares!!.

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      • I’ll have to check my camera — combining 9 frames is pretty crazy — but I’m sure the outcome can be entertaining. The Nikon D3 probably has more creative options than the Canon Rebel T5i (which is what I use).

        The D3 is a popular Nikon model for astrophotographers — I’m pretty sure that camera has a decent signal to noise ratio.

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