December weather!

Sand, Sea and Storms

Relentless howling reaches boiling point,

 Thor’s passionate ferocity knows no mercy.


19 thoughts on “December weather!

  1. Oh I like this, Paula – excellent! What does it for me? Well the misty top third of the image and the light toning there. And, as well as the lead-in row of wooden stakes and the person – that handrail coming down from top left. Wonderful stuff! Adrian

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    • Well perceived! We have enough as it is, doomsday is unavoidable anyway, and a bunch of lightning will arrive at its own time without Odin’s intervention.. Ha, ha. Never managed to get a shot of lightning, mainly cause I have not tried!! too lazy again.xx

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      • I never photographed lighting. I photographed a plasma ball, but that doesn’t count. Earth has experienced doomsday at least a dozen times (as far as life is concerned) so I’m sure something bad is just around the corner! Haha

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      • Ha, Ha, my friend..indeed if you cry wolf often enough, one day you will be proven right , the wolf will gobble all before her and you can rest, festooned in laurels, like true heroes and prophets tend to be, for ever and ever.


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