Minus 22 degrees!

Watching  in awe with freezing cold feet in:

Eastern Poland the magnificent  European Bison;

A huge and noble animal roaming wild and free once again.


Bison forming a circle round their young, to stare back at us watching them!

15 thoughts on “Minus 22 degrees!

  1. They are amazing… looking at me (at you) 🙂 as if they are going to run to me… so real. Great photograph dear Paula. A few weeks ago I watched this famous forest in Poland, it was on 24 Channel. As I learned there, Żubrówka, also known in English as Bison Grass Vodka, has been made by a grass that bisons eat… The area is a forbidden place, they don’t let anyone to be there, except by the permission. and also there are three family who have the permission for pick these bison grass… then they dry them and use for making vodka. It was interesting for me. But in the program I didn’t see any bison… now I watch in your photograph. Thank you, Love, nia

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    • How interesting…the forest is only open with guides, I believe, but the Bison roam wherever they like and the area is huge..they do not care for borders and regularly cross the border with Belarus. It is a wonderfully undeveloped and therefore unspoiled area..

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      • yes dear Paula, it is like that. As I learned that this area is the only place for nature forest in the Europe… and Bisons too… You are lucky that been there… But minus 22! what a cold… how did you hold the camera? It shouldn’t be easy in this cold, even having glove too… Love, nia


  2. Oh I think I was there years ago, in the mid 1970s – is this Bialowieza Forest? I was driving around Poland, birdwatching a lot, we saw these wonderful animals. Going through the Iron Curtain was a memorable experience. A

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    • Indeed, Adrian, that is where the Bison are roaming mostly, there is the tradition of feeding them hay in the middle of the harsh indeed winter, that makes them easier to find. Astonishing animals, as large as but heavier than a horse, dangerous when cornered and a speedy turn of foot. Wonderful experience: we were 3 photographers and a Polish guide. Best trip ever.

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  3. Gorgeous animals! What an amazing photo, Paula!! -22 degrees — brrrr!! You must’ve been freezing. Lol. I was just talking to Fly about bison in one of my posts. European bison look less bulky or fat than our American ones — ha! Isn’t that not a surprise?! ❤ 🐂

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