Mystery and Magic

Yesterday I drove through heavy fog, to receive

NA style flute, a magical, healing instrument,

created in middle of  Dartmoor National park .

Besides the  flute ,  I returned with the following:


Dartmoor trees, shot in camera, low shutterspeed whilst moving camera up and down

18 thoughts on “Mystery and Magic

  1. It’s like looking through sheer curtain panels at a world that isn’t as clear nor as touchable as it once was. I’m sorry for your loss, darling Paula and am glad to read you’re finding solace through your blog. 💐💖💫

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  2. The photograph looks like a painting. The way you moved the camera is reminiscent of paint strokes. I’ll have to try that technique! Thanks for sharing — I’m sure you captured many more images while exploring Dartmoor .

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  3. Yes, I know the technique you used, but I’ve never achieved anything of this quality with it. I can only say that I think this utterly beautiful, Paula, and extremely well produced. This is an image that I could very, very easily live alongside. I don’t anything about the flute but can you play it, and how is it healing? I hope you’re fine. Adrian

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    • Thank you again, Adrian, your comments mean so much. These shots do not always come off easily and seem to work best in fog! The flute has given me a new lease of life…you play it with your emotions and it seems tocome to life in your hands, it responds and I am now obsessed with making is helping me enormously to move on after my only child’s death, like posting on this blog has helped so much also. I am finally able to talk about this loss more freely and openly but do not want to bore people with it. Thank you again and DO drop by when you are near or passing.


      • I understand only too well the feelings following upon your only child’s death, I have been exactly in that position too. I am extremely happy that you are feeling able to move on. I share your feelings. And I really don’t think that anyone is going to get bored with such as vast occurrence as this, at least, not anyone who is truly a human being. I’m not musical, tho I wish I could be. But I am IMMENSELY happy that music is meaning so much to you – and your blog too. And your blog is meaningful and impressive – its diversity makes it one of my favourites. xxx

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