Dense Mist

The season of such morning mists

The stillness, the absence of wildlife

The trees like magical islands in the sea


The flag is Red

Seawater pool is empty for

Winter cleaning and painting

There is

Always one who stands out

Who is different from others

Who delights in in not conforming


Have the ability to

Lose themselves into another existence

Full of golden dreams and wonderous creatures


Dalmatian Pelicans

Lake Kerkini Northern Greece

Lovely birds, Great Countryside, Welcoming people

Old Age

The older you get

The more beloved folk one loses

Hard to take, hard to talk about , HARD


Most of us remember flying a kite

Something so exciting , that sense of freedom,

Dreaming you could fly with it to amazing places

Getting Kite airborne and not doing a nosedive, no easy matter

Tree and

Tree and tracks

Not much to add

Motto and aim: simplicity


Evening light in late autumn

Glorious as always in the setting sun

A delight to search and plan for at this time of year



I wanna be where I am not

The Lake District is on my mind:

That special light, clouds and shadows over the hills:


Power Nap

Rest and refresh the mind

Beneficial at any time of the day

In Awe

Those days and times

When everyone did things you did not

Did them better, faster, more impressive than you

Red Shoes

If the shoe fits

You must WEAR it!

I dearly wish I could!!

Imagine dancing the night away , wearing these !! Those were the days


Time to reap what has been sown

Constant and Dry and Sunny weather a must

Brexit causing a shortage of workers in all areas

UK Landscape

Always Special

Wherever you look

There is beauty and interest in all areas


Very important ones

Grasses to stop the sands shifting

Prevent erosion of the dunes and keep sea at bay

Storks in NL

Close to my heart

Introduced but now established

Much appreciated by young and old

Even farmers create nests to encourage breeding


Power to nurture and heal

Can be soothing and comforting

With an in depth power, second to none


Last Race

In thick fog

Get home whilst you still can

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