The power of music:

Making music brings solace

for the mind, the soul, the heart,

Music has the power to unite so many


Young man dreaming of recognition as a Jazz musician


Clouds and Light

Cloud formations of your dreams.

Wispy trees above Agatha Christie’s estate,

 the river Dart below,  stunning place to visit.



How the eye deceives:

Is it:

A corner,

a pyramid

painted on  wall

or something else!


I reveil the mystery: it is indeed a painted flat wall in a museum!




The bonanza

goes on and on, although

leaves are falling in aftermath of Maria,

lots of pollen still on offer to the nation’s favourite


Notice large spider lurking within flower. Nature red….

Time ticks on

so fast

before you know it,

You’r getting beyond repair!


And time ticks on by, now what?

The Piper

The sound of the bagpipes

Reminded the old man of his regiment.

His Regiment; few were fortunate to survive.


Bagpipe player set off a string of memories.

Ever Upwards

It seems to get lighter

the higher you go, there is

 even hope we might reach the top


We want to go higher and higher, HOPE cannot be destroyed

Art by Rob Goldstein

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